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Hello, thanks for stopping by.​

I'm an illustrator based in Somerset, England. Most of my work is done in coloured pencils, though I often use multiple processes and mediums combined. 

You may have noticed recurring subjects in my work: Animals. I'm obsessed with animals, I love them more than anything and there is no better muse for me. Animals in cute clothing is what I live for. Sharks and Dinosaurs in colourful jumpers creep into my work a lot these days!

My illustration journey started in 2015, when after years of a drawing hiatus, I picked up my pencils again and started drawing my house rabbits. I then started drawing pet portraits for friends and family, fast forward to two years later and Beth Goodwin Designs is born.

Day to day, I spend my time drawing in my studio with my two rescue dogs and geriatric rabbit snoozing by my side.

When I'm not illustrating, I can be found walking my dogs, whilst thinking about adopting more and more dogs. You may also find me in the kitchen baking, or tending to my houseplants.

As well as here, you can find my work in independent shops throughout the UK, I have even been lucky enough to design Christmas cards for WHSmith. 

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